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Gift Ideas for Her: Why candles are perfect gift

Choosing the perfect gift can be hard. How do you come up with gift ideas, much less find the perfect gift? This holiday, we’ve got your back with our  GIFTS FOR HER which we’ve curated & carefully selected.

Our candles are on the list, and it’s no surprise why — candles are a super great pick for holiday gifting and we’re breaking down why candles are a perfect gift.


Candles don’t leave you guessing on size or style. They’re a “safe” option for someone you don’t know very well or for someone who is just really hard to buy gifts for.

They are perfect for a hostess or housewarming gift — snag a few to keep on hand for a quick and easy gift idea when you’re in a pinch.


Different scents evoke emotions, feelings or memories. Smell is very emotional potency, so certain scents have the ability to make us feel certain emotions or remember certain experiences. Candles can convey feelings — warm, happy, relaxed, etc.

Giving a scent as a gift has a  personal  touch since you intentionally chose a smell to convey a feeling or memory.❞

By giving a candle as a gift, you are giving a practical gift that they can touch and feel,..but also smell.

Not only that, you can gift a candle with a memory attached to it. Did you have a memorable brunch experience that involved mimosas? Does your recipient love waffles? Did you stay in bed one morning? Is there an inside joke or memorable experience involving good mornings?

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Usually coming in at under $20, candles give you the option to check off multiple people on your gift list for less while still giving a personal and thoughtful gift. Just choose a personalized scent for each person.

Buying candles for a few people on your list means you can make your list, but not have to think about it twice.


Gift boxes with multiple smaller gifts are a perfect alternative to one big gift and have a super personal touch as you pick out and curate picks that are perfect for your recipient. Candles are a great add since they’re functional & gorgeous and can be mixed in with other unique finds for a gorgeously curated gift.

Our waffle candle comes in our Brunch Box: Self-Care Edition alongside our handmade coffee scrub, a spa headband, and a natural loofah. The Brunch Box is perfect if you want a curated-for-you option for a quick and easy (but personal) gift.

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